Monday, June 27, 2011

Getting Started : Notepad++

Welcome everyone to A View Into Web Coding. We are happy to announce the release of this new blog.

To start everyone off, you might need a little program which will help you understand some of the content we will be publishing here.


This program is free and extremely easy to install. Once you install this program, you can copy and paste some web code and configure it.

 Some of you are thinking why would anyone need this program? The question is, some web codes can be very difficult to understand and, sometimes and you need a bit of assistance.


  1. this program kicks ass, a must install on windows systems

  2. I was introduced to this program by a web dev friend. Never used anything else since then!

  3. Yeah, this is one of the main programs that I install immediately when I reformat. Do you have any other suggestions for programs to install?

  4. nice been wanting to get better at HTML and such

  5. Notepad++ is pretty effin awesome if I say so myself...